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Postal address is:

  • Residencia canina Dosrosas
  • Can Carreras 08139
  • Dosrius Barcelona

If you prefer, just follow these directions:

  • Take the exit marked Mataró.
  • Follow the C60 through the tunnel and after the tunnel take the exit 4 marked Argentona/Dosrius. After some 300 metres keep left signed Dosrius.
  • Take the C32 heading for Mataró/Girona (Autopista del Maresme) and approaching Mataró take Exit 99 and join the C60 heading for Argentona/Granollers.
  • Take Exit 4 signed Argentona/Dosrius/Orrrius. Follow the large roundabout under the C60 and then stay in the right hand lane until you see Dosrius indicated left. 
  • At the Stop sign turn left.
  • At the small roundabout under the C60 take the first exit marked Dosrius B510.
  • Continue along crossing three roundabouts until you enter the village of Dosrius after crossing a bridge.
  • With the Town Hall in front of you turn right into a narrow street through the village leaving a small square with banks and shops to your right.
  • Continue straight for approximately a kilometre until reaching a roundabout and follow the exit marked Canyamars and Can Massuet BV5101. (On a Sunday there is a market and it is not possible to pass through the village so do not turn right at the Town Hall.
  • Continue to your left and meet the village bypass marked Canyamars and Can Massuet.
  • This will bring you to the above noted roundabout so follow the next instructions). After approximately another kilometre you will reach another roundabout.
  • Take the second exit marked Can Massuet and proceed up a long hill through the woods.
  • At the T-junction at the top you will see one of our indicative signs.
  • Turn left and continue up the hill.
  • After passing a long line of refuse containers on your left you will see a turning left, again with one of our signs. Calle dels Furiosos.
  • Follow this road up a hill to a crossroads.
  • Turn left down a dirt lane and after some 200 metres you will find us on your left.
  • Please ring the bell and when the gate is opened, park your car inside.